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Rest and Reading Cherie Harder Friday, August 12, 2011   The August doldrums are upon us.  Here in Washington, Congress has, after many misadventures, recessed for the month, and with their departure, traffic has thinned, the pace has slowed, workdays have shortened, and vacations are taken. The city (and perhaps the nation as well) seems
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Mind, Memory, and Meaning Friday, July 15 2011   One of the more interesting and repeated biblical injunctions is that against inattention and amnesia.  In the Old Testament alone, there are dozens of exhortations to the Israelites to “remember,” “fix it in mind,”  “write on the tablet of your heart,” “bind on your fingers,” “tell
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Silence, Space & Rest Cherie Harder Wednesday, February 16, 2011   We are now in the midst of what may be the most counter-cultural of holiday seasons: Lent. In stark contrast to the crazed consumerism that accompanies Advent, or even the candy trappings of Easter, Lent offers nothing for the world to commercialize or capitalize
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