Reading Group on "Brave New World" in Washington, DC

Monday, November 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
The Trinity Forum Office
1000 Vermont Avenue, NW 4th Floor Conference Room
Washington, DC 20024

Join us for a Trinity Forum Reading Group on our latest Trinity Forum Reading featuring selections from Aldous Huxley’s fascinating novel Brave New World and an introduction by our President Cherie Harder.

First published in 1931, Huxley’s dystopian novel predicted a seemingly fantastic future: a world of globalization, commercialism, genetic engineering, mass use of anti-depressants, commercial space travel, virtual reality entertainment, hero-worship of technologists, nearly complete disinterest in history and literature, and deep distraction. 

It was a world very different from his own, but with many similarities to ours. And it was a warning: that the distractions, pleasures, and technological advances we love could potentially infringe our freedom and distort our humanity. 

You can order a hard copy–or digital download–of the Reading "Brave New World" to prepare for our discussion by visiting the Trinity Forum online store.

Registration is free, but required. To participate in this Reading Group, please reserve your seat by clicking on the link above. Drinks and appetizers will be served.

Please note that space for this discussion is limited. We are offering seats to the first 30 individuals who register. 


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