Reading Group in Indianapolis on "Letter From Birmingham Jail"

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Shiel Sexton’s offices
902 N Capitol Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

A Trinity Forum Reading Group:

Letter from Birmingham Jail

On Thursday, January 18th, in honor of MLK Day, we will discuss the Trinity Forum Reading featuring Martin Luther King, Jr.'s extraordinary "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and its implications for our current political and cultural context.

Trinity Forum Reading Groups provide opportunities to reflect on and discuss great works of literature and letters. From its publication in 1963, Dr. King's letter spread quickly around the country as a manifesto articulating the urgency in redressing injustice, the interconnectedness of citizens, the necessity of discernment in responding rightly to unjust laws, and the demands of courage born of faith. Our Trinity Forum Reading features Dr. King's brilliant and powerful letter, along with an incisive and fascinating introduction by Rev. Dr. Robert Franklin and Ambassador Andrew Young.

Our Trinity Forum Readings and Reading Groups are ways in which we aim to cultivate and disseminate the best of Christian-thought, and we hope this discussion will offer wisdom and encouragement. You can order a hard copy of the Reading "Letter from Birmingham Jail" to prepare for our discussion by visiting the Trinity Forum online store.

Registration is free, but to participate in this Reading Group, please reserve your seat by clicking on the link below. Drinks and appetizers will be served by the hosts.

Please note that space for this discussion is limited. We are offering seats to the first 30 individuals who respond. Register now to reserve your spot!

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