One of the main goals of The Trinity Forum is to provide exemplary programs for leaders on some of the most timely and timeless questions of our world. Our programs exist to connect leading thinkers with thinking leaders – all within the context of open and honest dialogue. Trinity Forum events provide a context for leaders to consider together the great ideas that have shaped Western civilization and the faith that has animated its highest achievements. They provide an avenue for cultivating networks of leaders whose integirty and vision will help renew culture and promote human flourishing.

Evening Conversations

Evening Conversations are two-hour events where community leaders can connect with one another over wine and hors d’oeuvres and hear from some of the leading thinkers of today on timeless topics such as the dynamic interplay of science and spirtuality, the complex relationship between politics and religion, and the life and thought of some of Western civilization’s most significant figures like Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Speakers at Trinity Forum Evening Conversations are drawn from our network of Senior Fellows and other thought leaders. Previous speakers have included Os Guinness, Dallas Willard, Eric Metaxas, Roger Scruton, Max McLean, and David Aikman. If you are interested in hosting a Trinity Forum Evening Conversation in your community, please email Alyssa Abraham, Director of Membership and Events, at

Trinity Forum Reading Groups

Trinity Forum Reading Groups are community-focused associations that help bring about The Trinity Forum’s mission of personal and societal renewal at the local level. We do this by fostering dialogue and relationships among like-minded leaders and individuals to create strong intellectual communities in a specific area through the strategic use of Trinity Forum programs and publications. If you would like to learn about a Trinity Forum Reading Group in your area of if you are interested in hosting one in your community please email Alyssa Abraham, Director of Membership and Events, at

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