Evening Conversations

Evening Conversations offer opportunities for thinking leaders to connect with leading thinkers in engaging the big questions of life in the context of faith. These two hour events feature extraordinary thinkers, scholars, and practitioners who discuss topics such as the relationship between science and faith, the role of religion in public life, the components of the good life, the roots of civic division and alienation, and the way in which public and private character is formed and reformed. Past speakers have included New York Times columnist David Brooks, poet Dana Gioia, NIH Director Francis Collins, World Bank President Jim Kim, and many others. If you are interested in hosting a Trinity Forum Evening Conversation in your community, please email us at


The Trinity Forum’s unique, Socratic Forum events offer busy professionals the chance to delve deeply into “big questions” such as life purpose, character formation, vocation and calling, stewardship and philanthropy, and the impact of technology, via a focused Socratic discussion on seminal text of classic and contemporary literature and letters, led by skilled moderators. Such Forum events provide a context for leaders to consider the great ideas that have shaped civilization, along with their consequences and personal impact. To host a Forum in your organization or community, contact Alyssa Abraham at

Trinity Forum Reading Groups

Trinity Forum Reading Groups are community-focused associations that help bring about The Trinity Forum’s mission of personal and societal renewal at the local level. We do this by fostering dialogue and relationships among like-minded leaders and individuals to create strong intellectual communities in a specific area through the strategic use of Trinity Forum programs and publications. If you would like to learn about a Trinity Forum Reading Group in your area of if you are interested in hosting one in your community please email us at

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