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The best way to access all of the work of the Trinity Forum in one click is by joining the Trinity Forum Society. The Trinity Forum Society is a community committed to advancing our mission of personal and cultural renewal through relationships, ideas, and action. By joining the Trinity Forum Society at one of its five levels, you will receive all four Trinity Forum Readings we produce each year, invitations to events held world-wide, exclusive podcasts with premier thought leaders, and the ability to give a gift subscription of Trinity Forum Readings to your friends or colleagues.

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If you are new to the Trinity Forum, this is a great first step towards understanding who we are and what we do. Every two weeks, you will receive an email update from the Trinity Forum that includes a thought piece from Trinity Forum president, Cherie Harder, suggested additional resources around the topic presented, and highlights of what is happening in the Trinity Forum world. This could include event invitations or announcements of new publications we have produced. Sign up for the Trinity Forum Email Reflections below.

Attend or Host a Trinity Forum Leaders Forum

A Leaders Forum is our signature event, which offers opportunities for sustained reflection and discussion. These forums gather 20-30 people of various cultural, professional, and religious backgrounds over a period, ranging from a day to an entire weekend, to rigorously engage seminal texts as a means of exploring issues of character, leadership, vocation, and stewardship of wealth and influence. A group dialogue about a common text, with expert moderation, can enable participants to engage a text more deeply and personally than reading the text alone. In such a setting, participants’ opinions are confirmed, shaped, and tested by the thoughts and feedback of others–and deep relationships are built in the process. These forums foster an atmosphere of respect for each participant, while acknowledging disagreements and differences, because each new perspective introduces questions that others may not have considered. This sort of encounter can affect the whole person intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. To see a list of upcoming Trinity Forum Leaders Forums, click here. To inquire about bringing a Leaders Forum to your city, please email Hannah Smith, Events Coordinator, at

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Attend or Host a Trinity Forum Evening Conversation

Evening Conversations are events held in cities across the United States to introduce participants to important ideas and to provide the opportunity for interactive discussion with other like-minded leaders. A typical Evening Conversation begins with drinks and hors d’oeuvres followed by a speaker and a time of discussion. Conversations are a great way to introduce new individuals to the work of the Trinity Forum. To see a list of past and future Evening Conversations, please click here. To inquire about hosting an Evening Conversation in your city, please email Hannah Smith, Events Coordinator, at

Attend or Host a Trinity Forum Reading Group

Reading Groups are small gatherings of individuals led by a local convener with the purpose of deepening relationships and discussing ideas. There are several groups across the country that meet regularly over a meal or coffee to have a discussion around Trinity Forum Readings or curriculum selections. In fact, Trinity Forum Readings are specifically designed for individuals to engage within group settings: each Reading includes group discussion questions. A reading group can be an inexpensive and informal way to frequently bring together individuals who enjoy discussing ideas in a more personal setting. If you are interested in hosting a conversation in your community, please email Hannah Smith, Events Coordinator, at

Purchase Trinity Forum Materials to Use in Your Community

tfsThe Trinity Forum has developed an exemplary collection of materials to provoke thought and discussion, including eight book-length curricula on such topics as leadership, character, good and evil, and spiritual development. and more than 50 Readings of short stories and excerpts from classic literature. The Trinity Forum’s curricula and Readings include both modern and classic writings largely drawn from the humanities disciplines of literature, philosophy, theology, and history. They also include an introduction, typically written by a Trinity Forum Senior Fellow, as well as discussion questions to guide a group discussion. We have deliberately constructed our materials to enable an individual to rigorously engage and question the readings, and to guide and cultivate a group discussion, so as to best equip all readers to glean the most wisdom and insight from the texts. To see all of our Readings and Curricula, please visit the Trinity Forum online store.

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