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Share the Trinity Forum Society with others by giving a gift membership to family, friends, or colleagues. It is a creative and thoughtful way to introduce them to ideas, events, and people that will encourage them to consider afresh how they live and lead. The friend who receives this membership from you will be welcomed into a community that considers the important questions of life and looks to advance the Trinity Forum’s mission of personal and cultural renewal.

When you order a Gift Membership, your beneficiary will receive a Gift Package that announces your gift. This Package will include their first Trinity Forum Reading, a welcome letter, information about the Trinity Forum, and an explanation of membership benefits!

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What We Are About


The Trinity Forum convenes leading thinkers and thinking leaders to consider and discuss life’s great questions in the context of faith. Trinity Forum Society members interact with some of the most distinguished thinkers on the arts, sciences, business, cultural engagement, and more, and will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders from around the world.


Members of the Trinity Forum Society form the cornerstone of the wider Trinity Forum community. Those who join receive special invitations to different Trinity Forum events, copies of each new Trinity Forum Reading, as well as other thought pieces. The Society connects members with the timeless ideas and writings that provide context and insight to current events.


The Trinity Forum Society‘s members play key roles in advancing the mission of the Trinity Forum by sharing   Readings and thought pieces with their peers, leading Trinity Forum City Groups or hosting Trinity Forum Conversations, and joining other efforts for personal and cultural renewal.

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