Finding God in the Garden – an Online Conversation

What can our corner of the created world reveal about our creaturely and creative selves and our Designer? What can trees teach us about theology?

In his lyrical and insightful new book, The God of the Garden, singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson reflects on the formational significance of place and symbolism of nature in the spiritual life. He noted: “Trees need to be still in order to grow. We need to be still in order to see that God’s work in us and around us is often slow and quiet, patient and steady. It was in this stillness that I sat in the Chapter House, watching through its windows as creation cycled through its changes, to delve into the soil of the past, to brain into the air of the present, and to strain toward the skies of the coming kingdom.”

We invite you to join us on Friday, December 10th for an Online Conversation with Andrew on what it looks like to encounter God through the glory of creation and how deeper attentiveness to the beauty around us can awaken us to wisdom and wonder.

A special thank you to our event co-host the Rabbit Room.

Finding God in the Garden

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