Wrestling With God

This Reading offers a brief introduction to the spiritual journey and thinking of this great Christian mystic and advocate for the oppressed.

Simone Weil (1909–1943) was a philosopher, activist, and later mystic whose writings have influenced thinkers as diverse as Albert Camus and Pope Paul VI. Her life was marked by rigorous intellectual integrity, profound identification with the poor and suffering, and an astonishing conversion from agnosticism to trust in Christ in the midst of the upheavals of World War II.

Weil’s account of finding the mercy and love of God in the midst of severe suffering is bracing and challenging. For her, ultimate concerns are never separated from practical concerns. Our selections include two longer letters where Weil tells a friend about her unexpected spiritual journey, as well as a journal entry about a mysterious encounter with Christ. Senior Fellow Alonzo L. McDonald’s foreword includes an overview of the broad range of her philosophical and practical interests illustrated with brief selections from her other writings on themes including friendship, justice, suffering, truth, calling, and human rights.

Discussion guide included.

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