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Discovery and Doxology During this Evening Conversation, geneticist Dr. Sethupathy and theologian Richard Middleton examined the ways in which new discoveries in the field of genetics help us understand both our own mind and the mind of our Maker. This event is the second in our four-part Evening Conversation series on "Discovery and Doxology," which
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When adolescence has become a destination, rather than a journey "When adolescence has become a destination, rather than a journey," how do we foster thriving adults and inspire vision for the future? The Trinity Forum hosts an Evening Conversation with Sen. Sasse to discuss the tension between personal and civic responsibility, and how faith informs
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Faith, Health, and Healing The Trinity Forum and Duke Divinity School hosted an Evening Conversation with Farr Curlin and Dan Sulmasy on "Faith, Health, and Healing." During this Evening Conversation, Dr. Curlin and Dr. Sulmasy discuss the limits of medicine, the spirituality of healing, and living faithfully in the face of dying. WHAT WE'RE READING
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Confident Pluralism in a Turbulent Age The Trinity Forum, Montgomery Bell Academy, and St. Paul Christian Academy hosted their ninth Evening Conversation in Nashville, TN, featuring law professor and legal policy expert John Inazu on "Confident Pluralism in a Turbulent Age." Dr. Inazu will examine the state of religious freedom and challenges to pluralism in
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The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation The Trinity Forum hosted an Evening Conversation with Rod Dreher on his newly released book "The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation," on March 15, 2017. In this fascinating discussion, Dreher presents a radical vision for the future of Christian
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Character, Civility, and Pluralism We kicked off our inaugural event in a new series in Atlanta on "Character, Civility, and Pluralism” with an Evening Conversation with David Brooks and Robert Franklin who spoke on “The Content of our Character: Character and Leadership in a Divisive Age.” WHAT WE'RE READING Sign-up for a free one month
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