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Online Conversation | Reading as Regeneration with Jessica Hooten Wilson and Claude Atcho The act of reading is fundamental to our understanding of the world and its Creator (the Word made flesh), and numerous studies have shown immersive reading to be an inherently creative and generative endeavor, enabling the reader to imagine more broadly, empathize more deeply, and occupy
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Online Conversation | Gift Logic & Abundant Life with Louis Kim and Tim Soerens What is the significance of ‘the gift logic’ in a public sphere increasingly defined by individualism and self interest? How might adopting this logic shift our understanding of the sort of leadership, community, and economy that is needed to effectively serve the
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Online Conversation | Strength in the Second Half with Arthur Brooks As we start to approach middle age (or beyond), how do we think about our vocation and purpose? Should our sense of mission change? What should we do to equip ourselves for a joyful, purposeful, and meaningful second half? On Friday, February 25th we hosted an
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Online Conversation | Doing Justice with Gary Haugen Justice is essential to God’s vision of human flourishing — but knowing and doing what is just can be fraught with confusion and division, and require discernment as well as courage. On Friday, February 4th we hosted an Online Conversation with Gary Haugen to discuss the importance of how ordinary
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Online Conversation | How Much is a Child Worth? Power, Protection, and Abuse Prevention with Rachael Denhollander What is a girl or a boy worth? If you ask storied attorney, author and advocate Rachael Hollander, the answer is resoundingly, "Everything". On Friday, January 21st we hosted an Online Conversation with Rachael Denhollander to discuss the
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