Trinity Forum Readings and Curricula make classic and contemporary texts accessible to a lay audience. With helpful introductions and insightful discussion questions they put great minds in conversation with one another on the perennial questions of human life in a way that connects the timeless with the timely. These publications serve as the springboard for conversation at our Forums and can easily serve the same purpose for discussion groups or private reflection.

Trinity Forum Curricula

Organized around a unifying question, Trinity Forum Curricula are anthologies of excerpted readings from classic and contemporary texts. Though they are designed for our Forums, each reading in the curriculum is preceded by an introduction and followed by discussion questions that make them accessible to a wider audience. Their longer format makes them great companions to an ongoing discussion groups or to individual study.

Trinity Forum Readings

Published four times a year, Trinity Forum Readings include an excerpt from a classic or contemporary text that speaks to a timeless issue. The shorter format of these booklets makes them great for a single event or personal study. Alternately, some Readings are available in audio or digital PDF formats.