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Crossing a Digital Divide

Crossing a Digital Divide Cherie Harder Friday, June 7, 2019   Sometimes dramatic changes happen with little fanfare. This year, a cultural Rubicon was crossed, as significant as it was unheralded: the time we spend on mobile devices now exceeds the time spent with TV. The time-use study published by shows the trajectory of Americans’

The Ties That Free

The Ties That Free Cherie Harder Tuesday, April 2, 2019   These are lonely times. By many measures, rates of loneliness in the US have doubled. We are more likely to live alone, to lack confidantes, to feel ourselves abandoned in the world. We report enjoying fewer friendships, particularly close ones. Nearly one in four


Confessions Byron Smith Friday, January 25, 2019   As the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Trinity Forum, I have a few confessions to make: First, you need to know that “we are Russian sympathizers.”  It’s true! We have great admiration, respect, and regard for the works and thoughts of Leo Tolstoy,

Fake News and the Good News

Fake News and the Good News Cherie Harder Friday, August 31, 2018   In the contest for attention between fake news and truth-telling, fake news wins in a landslide. The Atlantic recently reported on the results of a comprehensive study that analyzed every contested news story in English since the advent of twitter, and found

The First Freedom

Friday, August 31, 2018   Yesterday, a sobering report from “The Democracy Project,” released by the George W. Bush Institute, Freedom House, and Penn Biden Center raised questions and alarms about the state of American democracy. It declared that “confidence in our governing institutions has been weakening over many years, and key pillars of our

Seeking Truth in the Doing of Business

Seeking Truth in the Doing of Business C. William Pollard Friday, August 31, 2018   Etched in stone in the chapel of Christ Church College at Oxford University are the words of John Locke spoken over 300 years ago: “I know there is truth opposite falsehood, that it may be found if people will search

Why Means Matter

Why Means Matter Cherie Harder Friday, February 23, 2018   One of the most significant recent shifts in public attitudes is the crumbling of trust in bedrock institutions – ranging from Congress to academia, law enforcement, finance, the media, business, health providers, even the church. As respect for such institutions, along with the norms and

Getting Mad and Giving Thanks

Getting Mad and Giving Thanks Cherie Harder Monday, November 20, 2017   The holidays are rapidly approaching — and we the people are angry. A year after the nastiest presidential election in modern history, our general ire seems further stoked. In this age of rage, one can find any number of reasons to be furious:

In Memoriam: Michael Cromartie

In Memoriam: Michael Cromartie Cherie Harder Wednesday, August 30, 2017   After a valiant two-year battle with cancer, waged with his characteristic energy and verve, author, scholar, Faith Angle Forum founder, and Trinity Forum Senior Fellow Michael Cromartie died earlier this week. He leaves behind his extraordinary wife Jenny, sons Ethan and Eric and daughter

Hospitality and Healing

Hospitality and Healing Cherie Harder Thursday, March 30, 2017   It is a strange irony: at the most globally connected moment in all of human history, we are lonelier than ever. Even as our social media connections grow, so do our rates of living alone, and our reported feelings of loneliness and estrangement. A survey

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