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Seeking Truth in the Doing of Business

Seeking Truth in the Doing of Business C. William Pollard Etched in stone in the chapel of Christ Church College at Oxford University are the words of John Locke spoken over 300 years ago: “I know there is truth opposite falsehood, that it may be found if people will search for it, and is worth

The First Freedom

Yesterday, a sobering report from “The Democracy Project,” released by the George W. Bush Institute, Freedom House, and Penn Biden Center raised questions and alarms about the state of American democracy. It declared that “confidence in our governing institutions has been weakening over many years, and key pillars of our democracy, including the rule of

Fake News and the Good News

Fake News and the Good News Cherie Harder In the contest for attention between fake news and truth-telling, fake news wins in a landslide. The Atlantic recently reported on the results of a comprehensive study that analyzed every contested news story in English since the advent of twitter, and found that “the truth simply cannot

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