Welcome to Reflections! Cherie Harder
Sunday, April 3 2011


We’re delighted you’ve joined us. In fact, we’re launching this feature for the purpose of hearing from you, our friends and readers, on the “big issues” of life — work, vocation, faith, art, hospitality, character, meaning, and so on.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be posting our Reflections (also distributed via email) and inviting your own thoughts and reflections on the topic at hand. Part of our mission at the Trinity Forum is to encourage discussion, as well as reflection, on life’s biggest questions — and this blog is one way to encourage such a conversation. We hope to hear from you!

The majority of our postings will come from me, but on occasion we’ll invite entries from our renowned circle of Senior Fellows, and other friends. Our first reflection focuses on what some consider to be an extraordinary frustration and time-suck, and others, as a source of meaning, personal fulfillment, and exhilaration: work. Towards what end (beyond the obvious paycheck) do we work? How should we work — at what task, in what way, and for how long? How does one integrate her faith with her work?

We’ll feature some thoughts by Dorothy Sayers, the author of the extraordinary essay “Why Work?” that we are releasing as our spring Trinity Forum Reading, and invite your thoughts as well. Comments will be (lightly) moderated. To comment, simply sign on as a user to our site; you’ll then have access to comment on this page. We hope that this site will soon become an inviting space for you to engage others in conversations that matter.






Cherie Harder is the President of the Trinity Forum.