Episode 2 | Believing a Truer Story, with Curt Thompson

On Good Friday, April 10, 2020 The Trinity Forum hosted psychiatrist Curt Thompson for an Online Conversation to discuss his insights on suffering, shame, and isolation, which are felt acutely in the COVID-19 pandemic. Curt’s word for us in this time is to be of good cheer—our King is coming!

Dr. Curt Thompson is a psychiatrist, author and speaker who specializes in connecting our intrinsic desire to be known with the need to tell truer stories about ourselves — showing us how to form deep relationships, discover meaning and live integrated, creative lives. Curt Thompson’s books Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame speak to the innermost desires of our hearts and souls, bringing together a dialect of interpersonal neurobiology and a Christian anthropology to uncover the key to living life fully: being known. To do that, we need genuine relationships, which can only be found when we tell the whole truth about who we are — to ourselves and others.

Curt Thompson is a Trinity Forum Senior Fellow.

Learn more about Curt Thompson.

Curt’s reflection mentioned in the conversation

Watch the full Online Conversation from April 10, 2020.

Watch our Evening Conversation “The Soul of Shame” with Curt Thompson on his book from October 15th, 2015.


Special thanks to Ned Bustard for the artwork and Andrew Peterson for the music!

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