We are big believers in the power of the reading group to encourage reflection and discussion on what matters most, to cultivate insight and understanding, and forge and deepen relationships.

In addition to releasing a new BookClub Box to catalyze reading groups across the country, we will be hosting both virtual and in-person reading groups this summer. These will be conducted online, and also in person at our offices in Washington, DC, and will be led by Trinity Forum staff and friends.

Trinity Forum Readings are extraordinary resources for these conversations, as they are relatively brief (but powerful!) and include discussion questions. The Readings – either a la carte or in our Bookclub Box (see above) – make it easy for anyone and everyone to lead a group. We hope this summer effort will help to ‘seed’ new reading groups – both virtual and in-person – throughout the U.S. and beyond!

Here are the dates for our Summer Reading Groups:

Online (12:30-1:30pm ET)

  • Tuesday June 27 Moses, Man of the Mountain (closed)

  • Tuesday July 25 Hannah and Nathan (closed)

  • Tuesday August 29 Revelation

In-person in Washington, DC  (5:30-7pm ET)

  • Wednesday June 28 Moses, Man of the Mountain (closed)

  • Wednesday July 26 Hannah and Nathan (closed)

  • Wednesday August 30 Revelation

If you’d like to join us, registration is required, first come first served, for a nominal fee of $5, which will include a digital download of the relevant Reading.