Interested in joining a Trinity Forum Reading Group?

What is a Trinity Forum Reading Group?

Trinity Forum Reading Groups are small gatherings in cities and towns around the world that are designed to catalyze personal and cultural transformation at the local level through an intimate and informal time that produces rich conversations and dynamic relationships.

Trinity Forum Reading Groups are led by a person or team, meet on a consistent basis, and are centered on discussion of a Trinity Forum Reading.

Trinity Forum Reading Groups are also vehicles for introducing local leaders to the publications, events, and thought leadership of the Trinity Forum.

Why are these reading groups important?

Imagine what could happen if groups of leaders in communities worldwide are experiencing personal renewal, engaging thoughtfully with the most pressing issues of the day, and are working to bring about human flourishing (the true, good, and beautiful) in their families, companies, and communities.

We believe that one important way to help achieve this vision is to offer leaders regular opportunities to engage in rich dialogue with others on topics ranging from current issues to what makes a good life and a good leader. Trinity Forum Reading Groups offer people regular opportunities to engage in these types of conversations with other thoughtful community leaders in ways that we believe can bring about transformation and renewal in both individual lives and in a community!

How do I start a Trinity Forum Reading Group?

It’s easy! Email Hannah Smith, Trinity Forum Events Coordinator, at to get started. Hannah or another member of the Trinity Forum staff will answer any questions you have.

You can use Trinity Forum Readings in an already established small group. Browse our online store (include a link) to see over 50 Trinity Forum Readings we have available in hard copy or digitally.

How do I pick the Trinity Forum Reading we will use?

Simple! The Trinity Forum produces a new Trinity Forum Reading each quarter. The easiest way to plan is to always use our newest Reading. However, you can also choose to use a different Trinity Forum Reading. Just work with your contact at the Trinity Forum to pick a suitable text for your group. You can see all the Trinity Forum Readings we have available in our online store. Simply go to and click on the store heading. Please note, however, that some of our older texts do not have discussion questions. We will let you know if you choose a Reading that falls into this category.

I have more questions…

No problem, we’re glad you’re interested! If you have other questions or want to discuss any of this in more depth simply contact Hannah Smith, Trinity Forum Events Coordinator, at or call her at 202.944.9881.

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