Announcing Trinity Forum Conversations!
We're delighted to announce our new podcast—Trinity Forum Conversations! Our desire is to help you engage the big questions in life by leaning on the best of the Christian intellectual tradition and elevating the voices, ancient and modern who best grapple with these questions and direct our hearts to the Author of the answers.
We invite you to join us in one of the great joys of life: a conversation among friends on the things that matter most.

The best of classic literature and letters, introduced by today’s experts,
and tailored for individual reflection and group discussion.
Our programs exist to provide leaders a space and resources to
engage life's greatest questions, in the context of faith.
Our curricula, drawn from the best of historic and contemporary literature and
letters, enables reflection and discussion of what matters most.
Character & Courage in the 21st Century
How does one’s spiritual foundation, habits, and community influence character formation? What type of courage is needed to address these challenges?