Episode 26 | Repentance with James K.A. Smith

Repentance with James K.A. Smith

We continue our Lenten podcast series by considering the spiritual practice of repentance with author, Augustinian philosopher, and Trinity Forum senior fellow Jamie Smith.

Few figures cast as long a shadow over church history as Saint Augustine of Hippo, regarded by many as second only to St. Paul in terms of his extraordinary contributions to theology and philosophy. For his part, Jamie Smith takes a different approach, describing Augustine as an “AA sponsor for the soul.”

All the way to the Level of Desire

In Augustine’s Confessionshe offers us a searingly honest glimpse into the human heart. It is Augustine’s refusal to look away from his own disordered loves, but instead to confess and repent at the level of his deepest desires, that makes Confessions one of the most enduring works of Christian spiritual writing of all time.

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Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
Confessions, by St. Augustine Sarah Ruden Translation
On The Road With Saint Augustine, by James. K.A. Smith
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