Episode 29 | Reading Scripture with N.T. Wright

In our final podcast episode of our Lenten series, we’re considering the meaning of the “good news” through the lens of scripture, with an emphasis on Christ’s passion and triumph at Easter.

Reading Scripture with New Eyes

To help us explore the spiritual discipline of reading scripture, we’re returning to an evening conversation we hosted back in 2016 with Anglican Bishop and New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright.

Since the very earliest days of the Christian Church, the reading of scripture has been foundational for Christian formation. Rather than prescribe a particular methodology of Bible reading this week, our invitation is simply to join us in reading each of the four gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days, but to do so with a refreshed understanding of what Jesus meant when he spoke of the “good news.”

On Earth as it is in Heaven

As N.T. Wright makes clear, Jesus’ good news wasn’t about giving advice, or founding a new religion, or even where a soul goes when the body dies. Jesus was inviting his hearers into a new way of understanding Israel’s ancient story and the cosmic significance of its sudden fulfillment.

It’s our hope that this conversation will help you read slowly and thoughtfully, and to consider and savor aspects of this good news that you may have missed before.

Thank you for journeying with us through Lent, and we wish you a very happy Easter.

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Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
Who is this Man? by John Ortberg 

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