Evening Conversation | Beyond Ideology with Peter Kreeft and Eugene Rivers
Evening Conversation | Beyond Ideology with Peter Kreeft and Eugene Rivers

What is ideology? What do our ideological frameworks help reveal about ourselves, others, and the world around us — and what do they obscure? What are the consequences of an era when seemingly every human issue is viewed through an ideological lens, and if there’s a new aperture we need to create, what should characterize its dimensions?

On October 18th, The Trinity Forum and Comment magazine partnered for the first time in an evening conversation to explore precisely these questions. At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Cherie Harder and Anne Snyder moderated a conversation with Dr. Peter Kreeft and Rev. Eugene Rivers to unpack the nature and implications of ideology’s reign in our present culture — both what it’s doing to our intellectual vitality as a society, but perhaps more urgently, what it’s doing to our civic and organizational life across sectors and geography.