Evening Conversation with Michael Wear and Allison Melangton | April 24

Civility in the Public Square: Cultivating Community Amidst Deep Divisions

During this Evening Conversation on “Civility in the Public Square: Cultivating Community Amidst Deep Divisions,” Michael Wear, the author of “Reclaiming Hope” shares how to build bridges across the lines that divide us in politics, business, and in our local communities. Responding to Wear is Allison Melangton, the Senior Vice President of Hulman Motorsports, who discussed practical ways that local communities can grow and flourish through cultivating a more civil public square. This Evening Conversation is part of an exciting partnership between the Trinity Forum, EDGE Mentoring, and Indianapolis Classical Schools to host, on a semi-annual basis, some of the world’s most insightful thought leaders to speak on life’s biggest questions.

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