Online Conversation | An Altar Call: Renewal and the American Church with Russell Moore
Illustration by Bruce Van Patter

Amid the growing polarization, covered-up abuses, schisms, and scandals roiling evangelicalism, studies show that many American Christians – and even many pastors – are increasingly disillusioned with and exhausted by what they experience at church. Wisdom is required to confront the challenge: how can we refocus on the Good News and its transforming power, and together be amazed by grace once again?

Trinity Forum Senior Fellow Russell Moore, current Christianity Today Editor in Chief, former President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, and author of the new book, Losing Our Religion, joined us on Friday, July 21 to discuss the possibilities for repentance and renewal in the American church. In this Trinity Forum Online Conversation, convened in partnership with The After Party, he helped us think through addressing the challenges to the church without cynicism or complicity, and reviving the hope of new life.

Thank you to our sponsors Scott and Cindy Anderson for their support of this event.