Online Conversation | Faith, Fear, and Conspiracy, with David French
Online Conversation | Faith, Fear, and Conspiracy 
with David French

On March 12th we were delighted to welcome Senior Editor of The Dispatch and American political commentator, David French. French has written numerous articles discussing how and why our unsettling times have proven fertile ground for the growth of conspiracy thinking, especially within the Christian community. His new book, Divided We Fall, explores not only the rise of conspiracy thinking, but also the tribalism and alienation that has divided the country.

We hope you enjoy this conversation on the snare of conspiracy thinking, and what the Christian response is and ought to be regarding conspiracy theories. The antidote, French believes, requires the power of faith as an antidote to fear. It is also a matter of spiritual formation—the cultivation of disciplines that lead us to wisdom, prudence, discernment, and charity. Especially in these chaotic times, we hope this will inspire you to grow in your faith and find the freedom that comes in the pursuit of truth and the ways of its Author.

The song is “Hers” by The Arcadian Wild.

This painting is Lake George by John Frederick Kensett, 1869.

Thank you to Bruce Van Patter for creating this visual of the conversation with David French.

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