Online Conversation | Being, Living, and Dying Well, with Lydia Dugdale
Online Conversation | Being, Living, and Dying Well 
with Lydia Dugdale

On April 2nd we were delighted to welcome professor and physician Lydia Dugdale. Dugdale is a New York City internal medicine primary care doctor and medical ethicist. She is the author of The Lost Art of Dying: Reviving Forgotten Wisdom, a book about a mostly forgotten ethical tradition and text that emerged in response to the Black Plague in the late middle ages: Ars Moriendi, “the art of dying.”

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Lydia Dugdale as we revisit ancient wisdom circulated in the wake of the Black Plague about living and dying well. Following our own plague and year of loss, we invite you to consider what the passion of Christ means for our living and our dying, and the hope and beauty that can be found, even in the face of death.

The song is “Windows” by Abby Gundersen.

This unfinished painting is called Sunset Sky by John Frederick Kensett, 1872.

Special thanks to the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, our cohost for this event

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