Online Conversation | The Golden Key
Online Conversation | The Golden Key with Jerry Root

We are releasing our exclusive conversation between Trinity Forum President Cherie Harder and Dr. Jerry Root from The Rabbit Room’s 2021 “Hutchmoot Homebound” conference. Root gives a beautiful defense of the imagination that edifies our need to explore fantasy, fiction, and beauty as spiritual beings. G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, W.H. Auden and C.S. Lewis were all profoundly influenced by the Scottish preacher and storyteller George MacDonald; in fact, Lewis claimed that MacDonald’s stories had “baptized” his imagination. “The Golden Key” tells of the boy Mossy who finds a golden key at the edge of a forest and sets out to discover its lock. He is soon in his quest by a young girl named Tangle. As they search for the lock, they open their own capacity for wonder and beauty, even as they long for a country never seen.

Find the Trinity Forum Reading of George Macdonald’s “The Golden Key” here:…

We think you’ll find this enchanting tale both evocative and even numinous – perhaps baptizing your own imagination of the beautiful and transcendent.