Online Conversation | Art + Faith: A Theology of Making, with Makoto Fujimura
Online Conversation | Art + Faith: A Theology of Making
with Makoto Fujimura

On January 29, 2021 in partnership with The Rabbit Room and the Windrider Institute we were delighted to host artist, author, and senior fellow Mako Fujimura for a conversation around his brand new book, Art + Faith: A Theology of Making. Mako believes that in the act of making we are able to know and experience the depth of God’s being and grace.

Mako says, “I now consider what I do in the studio to be theological work as much as aesthetic work. I experience God, my Maker, in the studio. I am immersed in the art of creating, and I have come to understand this dimension of life as the most profound way of grasping human experience and the nature of our existence in the world. I call it the “Theology of Making.”

We hope you enjoy this conversation exploring the theological work of creating.

The song is “Hymn” by Luke Howard

This painting is The Wheat Field by George Inness, 1875-77.

The image below was created live by Bruce Van Patter during the webinar with Mako. Enjoy!

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