Online Conversation | The Spiritual Practice of Remembering, with Margaret Bendroth
Online Conversation | The Spiritual Practice of Remembering
with Margaret Bendroth

On Friday, December 11, we hosted author and historian of religion Margaret Bendroth to discuss the nature and importance of memory in the Christian life and tradition. In her luminous work The Spiritual Practice of Remembering, Bendroth argues that “remembering is an act with spiritual meaning…the past tense is essential to our language of faith; without it our conversation is limited and thin — and growing thinner all the time.”

The very act of noticing and remembering reconnects us to the Great Story. We hope this conversations helps you to think about the importance of remembering to the life of our faith.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Kelly and Adrienne Johnston
Richard and Phoebe Miles

The song is “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” by Fernando Ortega

The painting is The Magpie by Claude Monet

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