A New Beginning Cherie Harder

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

As I write this, polls have only just started to close, and election results are hours (if not days, or even weeks) away. But regardless of the final outcome of this election, in many ways we begin a new season. As Atlantic columnist Joe Pinsker helpfully pointed out in this article yesterday, elections can serve as a way of marking time and reminding us where we were and who we were at a very specific moment in our personal and national story.

Remembering where we were and who we were four years ago is an important exercise in reflecting on our own growth and changes, as well as that of our nation. While it is all too easy to be discouraged and disillusioned by the deep divisions cleaving our country, we hope this day might mark the beginning of a new season of pursuing hope and healing, and renewing our imagination for and commitment to pursuing justice, loving mercy, seeking the good of our neighbor, and walking humbly with God.


At the end of what will undoubtedly be an intense week, we look forward to hearing from David Bailey and Marilyn McEntyre, exemplars of peace and reconciliation both in word and action. This Friday, November 6th, we will discuss what we can do, as individuals and the Church to walk in the way of true shalom, love of neighbor, and truth telling.

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