Crisis-Ready Leadership Cherie Harder

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” — Publilius Syrus

These are troubled times. We simultaneously face a health crisis in the form of a global pandemic that has killed more Americans than citizens of any other country; an economic crisis in the form of a recession and rising unemployment brought on by the pandemic; and a crisis of social and civic unrest triggered by the effects of enduring racism and injustice. The effects of these crises are felt by all of us (albeit to varying degrees), and the challenges such crises pose to those in leadership extend beyond those in politics, but are also felt in virtually every sector—business, law, academia, the nonprofit sector, the church, etc.

How should leaders prepare to handle crises? What does it mean to lead wisely, faithfully, and well when one is forced to make important choices among disappointing options with often unpredictable outcomes based on imperfect information and under pressure and criticism?

This Friday, I hope you’ll join us for a conversation with seasoned leaders on facing such difficulties with wisdom, courage and compassion. We hope it will be an encouraging time as each of us navigate the leadership responsibilities in our own lives, among the storms of crisis and conflict.


Join the Trinity Forum and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities on Friday, June 26th for a conversation on leadership in a time of crisis. What does it take to listen, respond, learn, and lead? How do leaders prepare for the unexpected and unpredictable?

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