In an age where overt narcissism and oversized egos are often celebrated as a sign of decisive leadership, humility may seem a lost virtue, or a form of moral condolence for the less successful. But in his new work Learning Humility, Richard Foster argues that learning humility is more needed than ever, and is “the one thing that can conquer all-consuming pride and provide a solid foundation for developing a genuinely good life.” Through wisdom gleaned from both spiritual classics and Native American culture, Richard shows how how vital, if countercultural, this often overlooked virtue is.

On Friday, December 2nd at 1:30 p.m., we invite you to join us for an Online Conversation with Richard Foster, founder of Renovaré, and Brenda Quinn, pastor of spiritual formation, to provide insight into what humility is and uncover how we can cultivate it in a challenging cultural climate.

Pursuing Humility: An Online Conversation with Richard Foster & Brenda Quinn

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