Episode 27 | Writing as a Spiritual Practice with Jonathan Rogers, Tish Harrison Warren, and Doug McKelvey

On this episode of our special Lenten podcast series we explore the spiritual practice of writing by listening to a conversation between authors, Tish Harrison Warren, Doug McKelvey and Jonathan Rogers.

The Spiritual Practice of Writing 

As these three authors explore the craft of writing, what becomes clear is that the creativity and spiritual insight that marks their work is predicated on the discipline of showing up to sit in the quiet with tools in hand and attend to the wonder and mystery of their own lives. The very ordinary disciplines surrounding writing have become for these authors a liturgy by which they come into contact with the divine, writing things and expressing truths they didn’t know that they knew.

The Habit: Conversations with Writers about Writing

This conversation originally appeared on the Habit Podcast, a production of the Rabbit Room podcast network, and a portion of it is used here with their generous permission and goodwill. To listen to more of the Habit visit Rabbitroom.com/podcast.

It’s our hope that this conversation will inspire your own practice of writing during Lent and help you to enter into the mystery and grace of the Father’s love.

Learn more about Jonathan Rogers, Tish Harrison Warren, and Douglas McKelvey.

Listen to the conversation as it originally appears on The Habit.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
Charlie Peacock
James Bryant Smith
Walker Percy
Jessica Hooten Wilson

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