Evening Conversation | Can Beauty Save the World? With Makoto Fujimura and Dana Gioia

In a world preoccupied with political battles, culture wars, commercial competition, and status seeking, why should we care about beauty? What does it mean to pursue the good, true, and beautiful — and what difference would it make in real, everyday life?

Poet Dana Gioia and visual artist Makoto Fujimura are uniquely equipped to consider these questions. Through their numerous books, paintings, and poems, they have considered the meaning of beauty as it relates to fallen people in a fallen world.

In partnership with Montgomery Bell Academy and St. Paul Christian Academy, The Trinity Forum is celebrating 10 years of our Evening Conversation speaker series by bringing back two renowned speakers for a special 10th anniversary Evening Conversation. Artist Makoto Fujimura and poet Dana Gioia joined us on Wednesday, April 5 to consider the proper place of beauty in our lives and in the world.