Online Conversation | The Inklings, Creativity, and Community, with Diana Glyer
Online Conversation | The Inklings, Creativity, and Community
with Diana Glyer

On February 12th we were delighted to welcome award-winning author and professor Diana Glyer. Glyer is intrigued by the creative process, particularly the way that creativity thrives within small groups and creative clusters. She has written extensively on the lives and work of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and their beloved community known as The Inklings.

We hope you enjoy this conversation on the importance of collaboration and the necessity of friendship to the creative process. Especially in our ongoing season of isolation and social restrictions we hope this will inspire you to think imaginatively about how you can cultivate generative and culture-shaping friendships and communities.

The song is “The Lakes” by Rachel Portman from the movie Miss Potter.

This painting is The Times of Day: The Afternoon by Caspar David Friedrich, 1821-22.


Special thanks to our co-hosts:

Thanks to Tali Valentine for this beautiful watercolor painting created in response to the conversation with Diana Glyer! Check out more of Tali’s artwork here.

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