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The Proper Place of Technology Cherie Harder Wednesday, June 3, 2021 Americans recently passed a new technological milestone: we now spend more time on devices than we do sleeping – as well as working, reading, caring for others, or any other activity. According to a recent study conducted by, the average American spends around eight hours per
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“Trust, Facts and the Post-Truth Political Moment” is a white paper by EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. In it, he discusses the physiological appeal of confirmation bias and gives a historical perspective on the phenomenon; explains why post-truth politics is dangerous and particularly acute today; and examines

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I understand why NBC News suspended its anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay. His offense was serious, the news division’s credibility is hemorrhaging, and the story was growing rather than receding. It was dominating our conversation, to the point that even local and national sports radio programs were devoting time to it. Something

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