"I am so grateful for Trinity Forum and the mission work you are doing right here in America. You have helped me already so much in forming a plan for how I can help reach out to friends in my own community." – Celeste

“We continue to be blessed and challenged by the Readings, updates and other resources of the Trinity Forum, and share those with others from time to time. Thanks for all you do in this!” – Robert, Trinity Forum Society member

“The Trinity Forum has been the source of some of the most important, thoughtful, and life changing discussions of my adult life.” – Chris

“Your organization is one that I find to be a refreshing oasis that I can access to gain the knowledge and experience of those far more gifted and intelligent than myself and to assimilate and distill such knowledge for those young leaders God has put in my life. What you do (in my humble opinion) is pivotal in helping prevent the Christian view and life in the West from becoming less of a rote response and more of a rich and deep understanding of God and His Kingdom” – Jay

“I have found our time stogether in this activity to be very enjoyable. I am thankful for the Trinity Forum and the Readings they provide, short enough that getting through “a book” is not a chore, but also gratifying in seeing the variety and careful selection some committee at TF has made in providing these readings, all of them stimulating in helping us appreciate good literature, plus giving us insights into the lives of authors.” – Reading Group participant

“I’ve listened to the presentations…Just excellent. Well-qualified scholars who do presentations that are erudite, enthusiastic, witty, and limited to time assigned – very unusual combination. Very Christian. More unusual still.”
– Dwight

“I remain immensely grateful for the ministry of the Trinity Forum, which came into my life when I was still a very young believer. For me – and I hope for other Rhodes Scholars – the power of its apologetics lies precisely in illustrating, through its various curricula, aspects of an over-arching Christian meta-narrative or worldview, thereby clearing the way to see how following Jesus makes sense for all-of-life (and not just a ritual observed for an hour or so on Sunday)." – Peter, Rhodes House Scholar

“The Trinity Forum, drawing on the biblical, philosophical, historical and artistic, brings us into a world of transcendent truth. TTF helps us find those crystalline moments when through divine gifts and inspiration transcendent truth is made incarnate.” – Trinity Forum Trustee

“I’m struck by TTF’s commitment to truth. This commitment may be more than important than anything else on the political table, because without respect for truth, our society, government, and democracy have nothing.” -Tyler

"TTF is an outstanding, Christ-centered, lay outreach to secular leaders who ar eopen to strengthen the spiritual dimension in their lives. As such, TTF is unique since there is no other group which focuses spiritually on those selected leaders who ultimately influence large followings and thereby have extraordinary impact on the evolution of cultures and public values." – Trinity Forum Trustee

“I came away feeling like I had just struck gold but was only allowed to have a few hours in the gold mine.” – Walt, Forum participant


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