Trinity Forum Curricula

Trinity Forum Curricula are collections of classic texts that speak to the great questions of human life. Drawing upon the best of the humanities, they provide access to the great thinkers of history on the great questions of life in an accessible, engaging manner. 

These curricula serve as the centerpiece of our Forums, but they are also perfect discussion starters for schools, seminaries, churches, small groups, and book clubs. They are designed to engage the heart as well as the mind on the great questions of life, and better equip the reader to live and lead wisely and well. Our curricular series includes:

Entrepreneurs of Life: Faith and the Venture of Purposeful Living

Entrepreneurs of Life explores the powerful human desire for purpose and significance, and serves as a fascinating guide through the annals of Western tradition to examine what calling is and how each of us can choose to respond. From the fiction of Tolstoy to the private letters of Beethoven, the readings in this study will help you approach your own life as the ultimately entrepreneurial activity.

"Too often we find ourselves drowning in a sea of choices. Entrepreneurs of Life offers a marvelous opportunity to discern how leaders in history have dealt with this challenge, and as a result, how a new generation of leaders can do it in our time."

– Gordon Macdonald

 When No One Sees: The Importance of Character in an Age of Image

     When No One Sees offers a series of readings that help us explore, in very practical ways, the issues that surround character—the reality of the core of our being, who and what we are when no one else sees.

"In format and content, this is one of the most unusual books I have ever read. It is timely, thoughtful, and compelling. I enthusiastically recommend it."

– former Senator Bill Armstrong

Steering Through Chaos: Vice and Virtue in an Age of Moral Confusion

Steering Through Chaos offers reflections from some of the finest thinkers of history on the deepest struggles of the human heart: Tolstoy on avarice, Nathaniel Hawthorne on envy, the Roman philosopher Seneca on anger, D.H. Lawrence on lust. This in-depth examination of the seven deadly sins – and t heir counterpoint virtues – will prove an invaluable guide in navigating through the chaos of our age.

"Steering Through Chaos shines a laser light of truth into the murky world of relative values and moral confusion, illuminating the pathway to cultural and spiritual renewal."

– Ambassador and former Senator Dan Coats

The Journey: Our Quest for Faith and Meaning

The Journey offers a series of readings that chart a thinking person's road to faith. Developed for those searching for answers to life's deepest questions, this work investigates explanations from three differing perspectives: secularism, Eastern philosophy, and Christianity.

"This book captures our imagination as we ponder wht is good, true, ust and beautiful through the guides of great literature and deep thinkers of the past."

– Rebecca Manley Pippert, author of Out of the Salt Shaker

 Doing Well and Doing Good: Money, Giving, and Caring in a Free Society

   The readings in Doing Well and Doing Good, rich in insight and application, help us explore the questions that surround money, giving, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

"Doing Well and Doing Good has helped me understand that much of my giving has been contract giving – giving in order to get. Now I am giving more, for the right reasons, and with real joy."

– Donald L. Bryant, Chairman and CEO, Bryant Group International

 The Great Experiment: Faith and Freedom in the American Republic

This curriculum is written first for all who seek to understand the genius of the American experiment and the Framers' understanding of how it may be sustained, and for all those who have an interest in the continuing vitality of American leadership in the world.

"An outstanding combination of history, philosophy, and sound thinking about the principles and ideals that guided the founding of the nation and are still relevant today."

– The Honorable Edwin Meese, former US Attorney General

Children of Prometheus: Technology and the Good Life

Children of Prometheus offers a humanities-based approach to assessing the implications of technology through providing a series of readings, ancient and modern, that raise the seminal and enduring questions about technology, its origins, its triumphs, its failures, and point the way towards its rehumanization.

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