Episode 79 | The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory with Tim Alberta

The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory with Tim Alberta

American Christians are certainly not immune to the anger, division, and fear that characterize our political moment. For many, the prospect of another election year is a source of dread or of numb exhaustion; others have responded with aggression or defensiveness.

On our podcast, author and journalist Tim Alberta encourages us toward a better media diet, and to remember where our true allegiance lies as we engage in politics:

“I would pray alongside of you that in our political and civic engagement, no matter who it is that we ultimately vote for, no matter what policies we support, that our allegiance is never to the Donkeys or to the Republicans. Our allegiance is never to a political figure.

“We have a king, we have a kingdom, and the best way for us to retain our saltiness is to prioritize that allegiance and that allegiance alone.”

We hope this conversation, coming in a heated election year will be a comfort and encouragement to retain our distinctiveness as we engage with hope in the public square, for the common good.

This podcast is an edited version of an online conversation recorded in early 2024. Watch the full video of the conversation here, and learn more about Tim Alberta.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
American Carnage, by Tim Alberta
The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism, by Tim Alberta
Rush Limbaugh
Robert Jeffress

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