Episode 30 | Discovery and Doxology

Discovery and Doxology

This special podcast series is called Discovery and Doxology conversations on science and faith and is created in partnership with Templeton, Religion TrustBiologos, and Church of the Advent.  The four conversations in this series features conversations between scientists, philosophers, and theologians helping us explore the relationship between science and faith.

Science and Faith in Conflict?

We live in a time when science and faith are often thought to be in conflict. The discipline of science is sometimes conflated, even within the scientific community, with a reductionistic materialism or scientism that asserts or even assumes that only empirical knowledge is reliable and dismisses ways of knowing what is real beyond the merely quantitative.

On the other hand, some people of faith fear that scientific findings are undermining of spiritual authority or Christian orthodoxy, and may even see discoveries and fields like vaccine creation, gene therapy, and artificial intelligence as a threat to the claims of Christianity. But as our conversations make clear, the mistrust between Christians and scientists hasn’t always existed.

Scientific Discovery Leading to Worship of the Creator

Many of the greatest lights in the history of science understood their calling as one of making known the beauty and grandeur of God through a better understanding of the created order. They believed science and worship were connected by a shared love of truth and its author, and that discovery led to doxology.

The conversations that make up our discovery and doxology series explores these tensions and possibilities. It’s our aim to introduce you to some of the brightest scientific and theological lights of our own generation and to help you think wisely and well about these questions. You can listen to any of these conversations in full at ttf.org.

Our sincere thanks to Ned Bustard for our podcast artwork and to Andrew Peterson for providing our music.

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