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Neurobiology and the Soul What is the connection between our mind and our soul? New discoveries in neuroscience reveal that love can literally change our minds — that our relationships and interactions with others help shape our brains – which in turn, shape our relationships and behaviors. The link between our habits and spiritual practices
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Science, Faith, and the Pursuit of Truth What does it mean to pursue truth — and how do we know what we know? Science and religion have often been assumed to offer either contradictory or unrelated forms of knowledge, with any intersection between them presumed to be a conflict. Rethinking Our Assumptions About Types of
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On Friday, September 10th, 2021, The Trinity Forum hosted theologian and author Richard Mouw and scholar and inventor Rosalind Picard for an exploration of the interconnection of AI, transhumanism, and human flourishing. Understanding Transhumanism Rapid developments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies can add confusion to the existential questions of who we are and
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Faith in an Empirical World We live in an era where science and faith are widely believed to be in conflict. A spreading materialism asserts, even assumes, that only empirical knowledge is reliable, and denigrates ways of understanding reality beyond the quantitative. Others believe that the realms of science and religion are entirely separate —
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Discovery and Doxology This special podcast series is called Discovery and Doxology conversations on science and faith and is created in partnership with Templeton, Religion Trust, Biologos, and Church of the Advent.  The four conversations in this series features conversations between scientists, philosophers, and theologians helping us explore the relationship between science and faith. Science and Faith in
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