Episode 31 | Faith in an Empirical World

Faith in an Empirical World

We live in an era where science and faith are widely believed to be in conflict. A spreading materialism asserts, even assumes, that only empirical knowledge is reliable, and denigrates ways of understanding reality beyond the quantitative. Others believe that the realms of science and religion are entirely separate — each with interesting things to say, but nothing to say to each other.

Wonder Can Lead to Worship

In this conversation, we offer a different hypothesis: that science and faith actually have things to say to each other and can enable us to better understand ourselves, our minds, our world, and its originator and designer.  In contemplating the complexity of our Cosmos, and the mystery of our self and soul, we may cultivate a new sense of wonder, awe, and even worship – a doxology amidst discovery.

Discovery and Doxology

This conversation is a part of our Discovery and Doxology series, and hosted in partnership with Biologos and Church of the Advent and made possible through the support of Templeton Religion Trust. This series brings together leading scientists, philosophers, and theologians to discuss the relationship between science and faith. Learn more about Tremper Longman and Ard Louis.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation
Elaine Howard Ecklund
Isaac Newton
Sir Robert Boyle
James Clerk Maxwell
Simon Conway Morris
David Alcalde
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Charles Colson
The Language of God, by Francis Collins
Deborah Haarsma
John Paul II

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