Episode 33 | Science, Faith, and the Pursuit of Truth

Science, Faith, and the Pursuit of Truth

What does it mean to pursue truth — and how do we know what we know? Science and religion have often been assumed to offer either contradictory or unrelated forms of knowledge, with any intersection between them presumed to be a conflict.

Rethinking Our Assumptions About Types of Knowledge

Such assumptions have grown more contentious in recent years in a world awash in misinformation and epistemic battles. How do science and faith relate in pursuing truth? What might each have to say to the other? And how might such a conversation enhance our understanding of knowledge itself?

On Friday, March 25 2022, The Trinity Forum hosted a conversation with Elaine Howard Ecklund and Ted Davis to show how science and Christianity intersect in constructive, even beautiful ways.

This conversation is a part of our Discovery and Doxology series, and hosted in partnership with Biologos and Church of the Advent and made possible through the support of Templeton Religion Trust. This series brings together leading scientists, philosophers, and theologians to discuss the relationship between science and faith.

Learn more about Elaine Howard Ecklund and Ted Davis.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
Christian View of Science and Scripture, Bernard Ramm
Richard Dawkins
Philo Judaeus
John Philoponus
Augustine of Hippo
Galileo Galilei
Sam Harris
A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century, Samuel Miller
Ken Ham
Francis Collins
Albert Einstein
Peter Medewar
Thomas Henry Huxley 

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