Episode 63 | Justice, Mercy, and Overcoming Racial Division

Justice, Mercy, and Overcoming Racial Division with Claude Alexander and Mac Pier

A recent Gallup poll found that over 70% of Americans are both worried about and deeply dissatisfied with the racial tensions and divisions in the country. And yet when those numbers are broken down, you’ll find that around a third of white Americans consider a race to be a significant problem in the country, compared to around three quarters of African Americans and nearly 60% of Latinos.

Given these differences both in perception as well as the many differences of opinion that are embedded in it, how do we understand and live out the biblical mandate to love our neighbor? How do we learn to know and love our neighbor across difference?

Dr. Mac Pier and Bishop Claude Alexander join our podcast to help us think deeply about our various spheres and stations and how through intention and vulnerability, we can begin to heal divides, overcome injustice, and create new places of mercy and flourishing:

“It’s really important for those of us that have had opportunities to really think about what is our role in making things right…and in God’s commitment to that. And just as God met our need for justice on the cross, he invites us to meet the need for justice in community with one another.” – Mac Pier

We hope this conversation inspires you to deepen your commitment to being an agent of reconciliation right where you are. Because as Dr. Pier shares, it’s a “radically powerful thing when we become enveloped relationally and affectionately by people that are different from ourselves.”

This podcast is an edited version of an online conversation recorded in November of 2021. Get a full transcript and watch a video of the conversation here. Learn more about Bishop Alexander and Dr. Pier.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:
Required: God’s Call to Justice, Mercy, and Humility to Overcome Racial Division, by Bishop Claude Alexander and Dr. Mac Pier
Necessary Christianity: What Jesus Shows We Must Be and Do, by Claude Alexander
A Disruptive Gospel: Stories and Strategies for Transforming Your City, by Mac Pier
A Disruptive Generosity: Stories of Transforming Cities through Strategic Giving, by Mac Pier
A Disruptive God: Encounter Psalm 23 and Discover God’s Purpose For You, by Mac Pier

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