Lost Tools of Learning


In this remarkable essay, Dorothy Sayers presents a vision for classical Christian education that ultimately inspired and informed new education reforms and movements.  First presented as a lecture in Oxford in 1947, Sayers’ treatise articulates the elements of an education worthy of the name – and offers new insights into the role of education in a democratic society, as well as the necessity of education in fully realizing our own humanity.

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Lost Tools of Learning

Her arguments and insights are sure to provoke thoughtful reflection on – and spirited discussion of –  the purpose, priority, and power of education in general, and a classical approach to education in in particular, to the cultivation of the mind and spirit.

Dorothy L. Sayers (1893–1957) was an English scholar, essayist, translator, mystery writer, and Christian apologist. This lecture turned essay was first presented in Oxford in 1947 and is a brilliant treatise on the foundational elements of a classical Christian education. More important, it helps raise questions—and offers answers—about the role of education in a democratic society. In attempting to recover the classical liberal arts model of education for our times, says Dr. Russ, “she reminds us that learning is essential to human nature, to the joy of living, and essential to human culture, to the vision of a good life for all.”

Discussion guide included.

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