When No One Sees


The true test of character is what you do when no one else is around. In our newspapers and on our airwaves today, personal character is hotly debated. But beneath all the confusion and controversy, what is character and why does it matter?

In this book, The Trinity Forum helps guide you through more than 3000 years of shrewd thinking on character. As you examine selected readings from Plato, Machiavelli, Freud, the bible, Newsweek, and others, you’ll see how character is built and tested, and you’ll find practical help for bringing about radical change in your own character. We look above the current controversies and slick sound bites to examine the basis for developing character that stands firm in the face of opposition-even when no one is looking.

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When No One Sees

When No One Sees offers a series of readings that help us explore, in very practical ways for each level of society, the issues that surround character—the reality of the core of our being, who and what we are when no one else sees. Few issues in our time are more important for individuals and society; few Christian contributions are more decisive and timely; few subjects are more searching for each one of us. 

In the opening session, we trace ideas about the substance and nature of character throughout Western history—from Plato and Aristotle to the present—focusing on the reasons character is an essential ingredient of good leadership and a just society. In the second session we examine the role of personal crises as tests of character, both in terms of refining and revealing it. The third session analyzes current cultural conditions that daily shape our lives and threaten to erode our character. Session Four turns to spiritual concepts, habits of mind and action, that have proven to be revolutionary and practical antidotes to the widespread modern erosion of character. In the final session, we examine the lives of various heroes of character whose example can help us envision and model excellence and integrity in our personal and public life. 

Edited by Os Guinness with Virginia Mooney

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