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Thinking Wisely and Well Collection


This Reading Collection will help students and teachers consider the purpose of education, and discuss ways to advance truth and deeper perspectives on history.

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Thinking Wisely and Well Collection

This Trinity Forum Reading Collection includes:

Lessons from History | This Reading summarizes Will and Ariel Durant’s popular multi-volume history, The Story of Civilization to help provide a more holistic and long view of history.

Loss of the University | Few essays more cogently or provocatively analyze the problems with modern education better than Wendell Berry’s short work featured here.

Lost Tools of Learning | Dorothy Sayers presents a vision for classical Christian education that ultimately inspired and informed new education reforms and movements. It is a perfect read for thinking through the purpose of education.

Politics and the English Language | George Orwell’s classic 1946 essay reminds readers of the ways in which language shapes thought, and warns of the dangers of politicized, imprecise, and misleading language in corrupting public life.

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