Episode 7 | A Theology of Making, with Mako Fujimura

This episode features a conversation  we originally hosted on Friday, January 29th with artist and author Makoto Fujimura on his recent book  Art + Faith: A Theology of Making.

Mako says, “I now consider what I do in the studio to be theological work as much as aesthetic work. I experience God, my Maker, in the studio. I am immersed in the art of creating, and I have come to understand this dimension of life as the most profound way of grasping human experience and the nature of our existence in the world. I call it the “Theology of Making.”

We hope you enjoy this conversation exploring the theological work of creating.

Learn more about Makoto Fujimura.

Watch the full Online Conversation and read the transcript from January 29th, 2021.

Thanks to Windrider Productions and The Rabbit Room for their sponsorship of the event with Mako on January 29.

Authors and books mentioned in the conversation:

William Blake
N.T. Wright
Esther Meek
The Gift, by Lewis Hyde
Bruce Herman
T.S. Eliot 
Amanda Gorman
David Brooks
Richard Mouw

Learn more about Kintsugi.

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Makoto Fujimura is a leading contemporary artist whose process driven, refractive “slow art” has been described by David Brooks of New York Times as “a small rebellion against the quickening of time”. In addition to his work as an artist Mako is an author whose works include Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art, and Culture and his just released work Art + Faith: A Theology of Making. Mako is also a senior fellow of the Trinity Forum.

Special thanks to Ned Bustard for the artwork and Andrew Peterson for the music!

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