The Federalist Papers


We are delighted to present our latest Trinity Forum Reading, featuring selections from The Federalist Papers thoughtfully introduced by David French and Curtis Chang.

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Federalist Papers

We are delighted to introduce our new Fall Reading on The Federalist Papers with an introduction by journalist David French.

During a time of increasing polarization, distrust in institutions, and civic fragmentation, it can be illuminating to revisit the ways in which some of the founders publicly wrestled with such challenges. Then, as now, the human tendency towards extremism, faction, and abuse of power threatened the country-and a workable response required recognition of both human dignity and propensity to selfishness. We are confident this text will provide meaningful opportunities for reflection as we wrestle with how to live together in the midst of deep differences, and how to understand and check fallen human nature in a manner that encourages justice and flourishing.

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